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I honestly feel a bit dumb for having to ask a question like this, but here it goes:

I haven't played in quite a while, and now that I'm logged in I was looking through all of the different settings to see if I could customize the game in new ways. While looking through the plethora of menu options in the various settings tabs, I stumbled upon the "Loot System" subsection, listed under "Item Drops" in the "Gameplay" tab.

Most of it seemed straightforward enough, until I reached the sections "Combat Drops" and "Skilling Drops" with all of the various options for things that can possibly drop as loot, such as Armor, weapons, ammunition, crafting materials, etc...

Now for the part that I found strange...

Every single box next to each of these options was un-checked by default. Does this mean that I was opting out of receiving such items? I tried mousing over different options around the tab to see if I'd get a pop-up to explain what each option meant in more detail, but alas, no such explanations are present.

This also holds true to the section directly above, named "Loot Claiming Priorities" with a monetary value selector. I assume this has something to do with group content, but honestly I can't be sure as the name and check-box are the only information that is presented in the settings.

Could someone tell me exactly how each of these options work, and how they affect solo and/or group play when it comes to loot? Am I missing something important here?


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When you use area loot, there will be a box interface that pops up asking if you want to loot all or loot custom. The loot options in settings is for custom loot, as sometimes people only want to pick up specific loot from the area loot and don't want to manually click each one each time. Therefore, custom loot.

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Ah, I see. I didn't have the loot custom button before, but that would explain where it came from suddenly. I just assumed that the section was related to group/raid content loot priority due to the vocabulary used, I suppose. Loot being "Claimed" just seemed to relate to a more competitive connotation in my mind.

Thanks for the concise explanation!

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