Which Bosses can be revo++ eff

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I know people are quick to suggest learning manual controls for bosses eventually but I'm a bit of a sucker for how legacy combat was and like revo++ a lot and of course seems fine to use for gwd1 since I returned. If anybody can comment though to what extent can I do revo++ fairly efficiently without too many manual inputs.

For example, I have been happy putting even ultimates on revo at gwd2 so that say vindicta, I just have my shield, resonance, and off hand dryg on 1,2,3 or similar with scythe for helwyr. I can last the whole instance and possibly 2 if I dont flop on my resonance timing too often. But gwd2 is the extent I've learned so far. Is there an order of complexity that I should learn other bosses with a hardish cutoff of when revo++ is laughably inefficient that learning full or more manual becomes a matter of finishing an entire trip or not.

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