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Ive returned to runescape after 10 year break. I am trying to complete Desert Treasure Quest. Following guides on YT. Ive killed the second boss but I require climbing boots to be made into spiked boots...... I cant buy climbing boots from freda, not on GE. Im stuck...

Any help would be appreciated.

07-Jun-2019 21:16:43

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After finishing Death Plateau, you may buy climbing boots from Freda for 12 coins. You may need to re-do the quest as you claim to have not played for a decade. You seem to have solved it yourself though.

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Unfortunately that buying boots from Freida as per wiki, but no option, as to restarting death plateau I'd already tried that on my own, can't restart death plateau and can't buy the boots from Freida.
What's next since that is the one holdup in my finishing Desert Treasure?

06-Jul-2019 23:40:08

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