Treasure Trails - Ice Dye Poll

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I want a SMOKE dye, black and grey with a smokey or ghostly particle effect

or a SUN dye gold and yellow with a very shiny particle effect that makes you want to wear sunglasses

Or a WATER dye with running water running off the armour /weapon

21-Aug-2017 15:03:14

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So far I'm not a big fan (altho I can't really afford dyes anyways). I feel like the poll should have given different possible dyes and the highest wins instead of yes/no. Of course people would like to see more dyes. Proud member of
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21-Aug-2017 15:04:44

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Could have some nice potential with some of the items, but I wouldn't make them too rare since ice doesn't really suit the extreme rarity category. I'd settle it in between barrows and shadow.
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21-Aug-2017 15:06:45

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