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Honestly, I don't believe ice would make much sense as the new dye - reason being, thinking about it logically, if the ice dye is applied to items such as the Seren Godbow/Ascensions/Seismics/Sirenic armour, there wouldn't be much effect; granted Sirenic would look more crystalline and lighter blue in colour, however what good is that? Secondly, in my opinion as well as a lot of other players I'm sure, it'd make a lot more sense if "Gilded" or "Gold" dye were to be implemented. This is due to the fact that we already have a unique rare reward only obtainable via clues, which is the Gilded Rune armour set; so, the next dye to follow would make greater sense in being one which also follows the reward system of rares currently present in clues. We would then have the chance to make our own T90/T92's gilded also... at least, this is what my friends and I as well as presumably a few others believe makes sense too. Below I've also enclosed a quick edit I did on photoshop of what the Malevolent armour set would look like if a "Gilded/Gold dye" were to be applied.

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Drygore Long looks really nice, but the Malev. looks like it's a bit unfinished? (Upper thighs/shoulder/horns don't really look like ice, just a light cyan to be honest)
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21-Aug-2017 15:35:07

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I love it!! <3 Finally a blue-ish dye! =D RS Wiki (Admin): Salix of Prifddinas |
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21-Aug-2017 15:37:00

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i think they are too bright also they should be transparent after applying the dyes also to make them look like 'icey'

also could we get the insta dying feature on newrly released items? cuz atm we need to wait till tthey are done in TAPP(Harrisons) then can use it but by that time the weapons might be out of date/meta so would only fit cosmetic appearance and not actually using them

can we see more dyes please? maybe poll a list to select new dyes from

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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

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I understand those are preliminary examples, but it definitely needs work. Like others have said, it looks too much like that Kamil cosmetic override and could use some translucency, snowflakes/iceflakes particles, and maybe a darker tone. Maybe make it periodically glow or something. *Snare roll*

21-Aug-2017 15:55:35

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