Treasure Trails - Ice Dye Poll

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Troll Jutsu
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Troll Jutsu

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The armour and weapon look okay, but it definately needs some work before it should be released. Add some extra particle effects or make the armor and weapon slightly more transparent to give it more of an icy look. Right now it just looks like a light blue tinted Drygore longsword and Malevolent armor. I am sure you guys can make awesome work of it. :)
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21-Aug-2017 16:02:19

Icy Crossbow
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Icy Crossbow

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Tim Hortons said:
I understand those are preliminary examples, but it definitely needs work. Like others have said, it looks too much like that Kamil cosmetic override and could use some translucency, snowflakes/iceflakes particles, and maybe a darker tone. Maybe make it periodically glow or something.

^What he said. It really needs some translucency and perhaps even some extra particles to make it more noticable.

21-Aug-2017 16:12:53

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It looks like Kamil outfit or Ice warrior armour from Treasure Hunter.
Tbh I think that these kind of updates need to be distinguishable from Solomons/Treausre Hunter overrides/items, they're all starting to look the same.
If I'm spending a large amount of gp on a dye, I want it to turn heads and for people to think wow that looks cool. I don't want for someone to not even give it a second glance, thinking meh that's probably from Solomons, which is the case a lot of the time imo.

21-Aug-2017 16:23:32

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I voted skip on this one. If I got a dye I would sell it, so my only interest in it is as a way to make some GP.
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21-Aug-2017 16:39:22

Gamez X
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Gamez X

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I get your probably looking to finish off the set for all the ancient spell elements (ice, shadow, blood and kinda smoke with barrows) but honestly this is boring, dull and looks meh. I'm agreeing with alot of people's sentiments here and say i would of MUCH preferred a gold dye given how gilded items where unique to treasure trail rewards, only makes sense. Please either reconsider this boring and rather badly done ice dye or atleast add in a gold dye aswell, this is the one people want!

21-Aug-2017 16:46:34

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Should have polled three new dye ideas with a fourth option for neither and then polled the two top ones against each other... This ice dye looks really poor based on the armour concept.

21-Aug-2017 17:02:47

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