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As there is no option for this, this is my vote:
I like the idea of Ice dyes, but I don't like how you made them look. They should be transparent like the Ice Warriors in my opinion.

Right now they look more like Crystal dye.

22-Aug-2017 05:23:00

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H enke said:
It looks good but it needs some sort of particle effect otherwise it will feel more like a crystal dye.

This. I actual thought it was crystal armor at first glance.... Someone else mentioned making it like "shattered" ice, and I think that's a good idea.

I do like the basic idea of an
Ice dye
, but the execution in these images is just meh.
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22-Aug-2017 07:36:16



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ice dye....meh. Was hoping for Gold dye like a lot of people :/. At least 2 or 3 options to vote for woulda been neat but oh well. Doubt many will use it, it'll probably be cheaper than barrows

22-Aug-2017 08:14:37

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