Which RuneScape route to take?

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Jeremy Cheng

Jeremy Cheng

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FreeScouse said:
Jezza, i know how hard it is to make a legitimate choice about how this game controls your life, most players either can't see the effect or decide to ignore just how much runescape becomes part of daily life " i am in no way blaming or accusing anybody of anything here" but it does not matter if you can see what i am saying or refusing to admit that i am correct but my advice to you on this topic you ask is, do not allow your heart or even your mind to make this decision, step back and take a good look at your life and where you want it to go and then choose.

Don't be like me and go through the heartbreak of jagex choosing which path i take, don't get me wrong though, it took me 4 years of pain to see that although i was hurting, actually it was probably the best thing that could have happened because if not, i may have been still here grinding 16+ hours a day, now all i see is they released me and gave me a life.

Moral of the story.......

Choose your own route, don't allow anyone else to show you the way.

Much love

Scouse - Did i fuck cheat but idgafs anymore

Hey Scouse,

OP isn't me or my alt. His name is Jeremy Chang, with an A. Sorry you got confused, but OP is someone else entirely. I don't currently use Forum Alts. I didn't make this thread.

To answer OP's question:

Take whatever RuneScape route you want to take. I suggest whichever RuneScape you play, focus your attention on it completely and don't bother with the other until you've achieved what you think is your endgame.

12-Oct-2019 03:58:11

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