j mod for farm.

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Crazy Eric
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Crazy Eric

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not sure were to put this.

so today i got a jmod for my farm. its just like the animals but i dont know where to put it. any ideas?
isn't it possible to buy the drake with 7 bonds?

I have the bonds but cant find how to buy it.

01-Apr-2019 11:16:20

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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Dong U Dead said:
use for all information.
no .com

Tenebri said:
Dorapan said:
how can i find the other mods from the list, i''m sorry but i don't understand it.

same way you get other unchecked. kill what species they are (human, apparently)

He probably got the daily freebie for logging in. You don't get extras for logging out and logging in again.

Archaeox said:
Kill men and women, and get unchecked Humans as drops.

Man/woman, guard, Al Kharid warriors, thief and black/white knights.
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01-Apr-2019 18:14:15

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