Death of a friend

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just reaching out to the community regarding a loss of a best friend.
cairno sly
aka ricky cairns. he was my best friend. he introduced me to runescape. I will be forever in your debt. if it was not for you mate I would not have met the woman im married to today. which I met thru runescape. I owe you everything for the person I am today . you will always be missed r.i.p ricky thank you for everything you did for me.

29-Mar-2019 18:39:09

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Its always sad to lose a friend, especially in the way you have. I am sorry for your loss, be rest assured he is in a better place now. Cherish all memories of him and remember all the good times, I'm glad you were able to have such a friend who did wonderful things for you :)

30-Mar-2019 00:16:29

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Sad times mate but life goes on and try to focus on what he left you "memories, your wife and Runescape"

He would not want you to mope about feeling sad, he would be happy knowing what affect he had on your life.

Be happy that you knew him and not sad that he is gone!
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30-Mar-2019 02:56:26

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