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Sakura 4
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Sakura 4

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(I had to miss out a letter 'u' in the title to be able to type the last p in pop up.)

Whilst playing as I always do, trying to buy radiant male and female dragons on world 2 at Ardy POF, a smaller window appeared in the middle of my game screen with the following message.....

"We've noticed activity on your account that is inappropriate for our game, and is offensive to others.

Any activity of this type may result in a mute, or even a permanent ban.


I don't break the rules knowingly, if I have done so unwittingly how do I find out what I did? If I don t find out and do it again I don't want to get banned.

On the other hand , is this some sort of hack or scam or something? Has it happened to others?

18-Jun-2019 11:36:48



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Be happy that you receive a message of someone communicating with you but ... probabaly it is a designed automated moderator trying to warn you and stop you from being naugthy in the future.

18-Jun-2019 11:42:48

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Title fixed.

I would take notice of the ingame warning. You must have triggered it.

I've never had 1 myself and can't say I've heard it happen to others. So it might be something new Jagex are trying. I have no idea really.
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18-Jun-2019 11:54:48

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It's certainly nothing I've ever encountered in my travels of talking with folk. But I've also been on holiday for the past week so no idea if it's a new feature like Tuffty said. ~Tranq~
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18-Jun-2019 11:56:49

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Sakura 4

That message is produced by Chatwatch when it thinks it has seen inappropriate chat:

It automatically monitors chat looking for various things (webpage addresses, email addresses, inappropriate phrases, etc.). It is possible to get a false positive, maybe after mistyping something. If that's the case, then there isn't anything to worry about. When the jmod reviews the report, they'll see it was a typo, so that will be the end of the matter.
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18-Jun-2019 12:06:15

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