POF allotment always diseased?

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This isn't a bug complaint or anything so that's why this is in general, it's not a bug I don't think but something I find odd.

Is it just me, or is the north allotment in the Player-Owned Farm much more prone to having crops get diseased?

I always grow crops on both the north and south allotments at the same time (Don't know if it's important but I often also grow Woad Plants, sometimes Marigolds too.) and without fail, using compost too, the north allotment always gets diseased. Like it's always the north, sometimes the flower patch but the north without fail gets diseased every time, I do frequently come by and water the plants too.

No I have not yet used super or ultra compost, and I don't plan to, I don't want to just buy everything I need, as a videogame i personally enjoy earning certain supplies much more than just buying them, I'm sure if I just buy ultracompost and use that they'll be far less likely to get diseased perhaps, but I just have my ways of playing and again, this isn't a complaint, I just find this odd.

Does anyone else experience this? I just find it odd that even though I water and plant both allotments the same every time, it's always the north and JUST the north allotment that gets diseased and even dies. The only time the south allotment ever dies was when I logged out for the day with plants still growing, I'd come back to dead plants but that much I expect. What do you think? Do you experience the same or am I just strangely unlucky?

Oh and yes I do use plant cures I know about those so it's really no harm done as I'm stocked up on that stuff by now.

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You can make Supercompost for cheap or free using pineapples. Pineapples grow on Karamja, or you can buy them from Arhein on Catherby docks for 2 GP or something by talking to him not in hi shop. Hi.

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