Why does every1 use Discord

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Running a Discord server has no cost associated with it. When I ran a TeamSpeak server, the costs were reasonably high, and my server had only a maximum of 50 voice slots at a time; that's not enormous in terms of an active group.

But Discord also has a fully functional web client, whereas Teamspeak does not. Skype does, but who the hell uses Skype any more, except in a business context (and even there, it's being replaced with Teams or other tools).

Discord is just more convenient to pick up and run with, without the hassle of setting up servers, downloading and configuring clients or troubleshooting technical issues.

20-Sep-2019 19:05:44

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Because all of the names programs are out of date and horrible to use. Discord is very up to date, has a lot of useful features, and all around easier to use. It's also free.
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Maybe because you can fart without saying excuse me without fear of reprisals lol
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20-Sep-2019 21:49:41

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Noone else here gets by with just Steam Chat, Whatsapp, and SMS/Calls?

Though I do so Discord used a lot by console gamers moreso than PC.

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Discord is more convenient for creating permanent groups, LFTs and communities Baby Balth said:
Because only jagex employees do group bosses on account of eoc being shit. Mind you even they got fired.
Jmods can't PvM lol

A Jmod team still hasn't done HM rago
Jmods bought Solak leeches
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