Familiar bug

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Corry Floyd
May Member 2019

Corry Floyd

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I have recently experienced a bug where the game seems to think i have a familiar when I don't
While attempting to attend the pet parada (agility training station) at the Skill Off Summer event, the npc gabe claims I cannot join the parade due to my familiar, a message then following telling me to dismiss a follower. The issue being I had no follower, I then attempted the following:

Relog / Hop Worlds
Summon and dismiss a pet from the pet interface in the costume tab
Summon and dismiss a summoning pouch familiar
Dropping and picking up a physical pet

the issue persists.

29-Jul-2019 16:52:36

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Try summoning a beast of burden summoning familiar. This problem usually persists when a familiar disappears and still has items inside it. Withdrawing everything it was carrying and dismissing it again usually fixes the problem. ~Tranq~
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