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16-Jul-2019 18:38:10

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Hi MejiBank.

You may find this Reddit post by Mod Infinity from last year interesting. It explains Jagex's 'common sense' approach to account sharing.
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16-Jul-2019 19:03:09

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The original post quoted with the name of a player removed, as the forums may not be used to make accusations against other players by name:
MejiBank said:
Hey guys this is more of a rant/tired of the perks these people get especially from jagex

If account sharing is against the rules why donít these YouTube RuneScape players get banned ?

Are they somehow above the rules that they donít apply to them? I am sure jagex mods/ employees know of these people account sharing for the purpose of their YouTube videos yet they do nothing about it. Why?

Take for example [Edited], he shares multiple accounts with people, mentions of the name of the owners of the account he is using for his videos and then nothing happens ???

[Edited] Is his latest video showing proof of account sharing I just donít understand it. If it was anyone of us and they had suspicion of account sharing they would without a doubt ban us.

Anyways just let me know what you guys think or if Iím over reacting.

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16-Jul-2019 19:58:45

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