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Chaos Incarn

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Is there a way to be notified easily for twitch streams? I know I receive e-mails, but isn't it possible to arrange a sort of agenda/calendar-like thing? That way it might be easier to tune in to the stream and receive loot.

23-Jun-2019 22:10:58

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TUESDAYS - 16:00 - RS Q&A

This stream is not weekly. Please refer to the Monday newspost to see if we're streaming this week!


Join Mod Lee and the community every Sunday to take down different boss monsters in Gielinor! After each stream, you'll get an event card, a love letter and a Twitch loot crate!

Taken directly from the twitch RS channel.
All times shown above are in-game time, so that's 1 hour ahead of normal UTC time.
You can build your schedule around that if you really want.
Just a little knowledge on time zones.
Lee's streams are a weekly thing, and now you can look out for streams that have 'Lootcrate enabled', which means Shauny is doing his magic and those stream viewers get lootcrates and what not.
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The homepage on Mondays has the streams listed for RS for the week. You can also hover over the ingame clock and find the diamond with the letter 'i' inside of it and see if there is a Jmod event that will be streamed coming up.

I have twitch on my phone and have enabled push notifications. So I get a notice from the app whenever someone i sub to - Like RS - has a stream.
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24-Jun-2019 09:11:11

Asahel Frost
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qhi said:
Actually, at the moment these streams are 18:00 game time (which is 19:00 UK time). Daylight savings, and all that!

If you have Twitter, follow
and you'll get notifications of his streams, and his other, non-streamed masses and minigame events.
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