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I tried to get some sort of contact information to ask but, trying to get a hold of someone is hard.

I logged into my account for the first time in 12 months, finally have a computer upgrade that supports this.

But 1 name changed, I get it lets save space and recycle names.

The number 2 issue is my actual issue, when I logged in. All my stats are gone.

I know I worked on more then 65 woodcutting. Not to mention I also had a rune hatchet in my inventory already.

only thing that shows up on GE is a bronze pick axe I bought for 5 coins.


want to know how i can get my account back its stats and bank inventory.

not to mention this account used to be a member so I LOST ALOT of stuff.
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20-Jun-2019 23:20:19

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Hey there,

Just to tag on to what
CM Brandon
has told you, check out the Dude... where's my stats? support article. As stated above, one account will have access to both games which are completely separate from each other.

Other articles you might find to be of interest include:
About RuneScape and Old School RuneScape
Where has my character name gone?

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21-Jun-2019 06:15:55

Asahel Frost
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Hi SoApYbUbLeS

Given that both the name changed, and your stats are reset, then it sounds as though you've logged into a different account. The login name for a Runescape account never ever changes. If the account was created before November 2010, the login name will be the account's first ever display name. If created after November 2010, it will be an email address.

What's the display name of the missing account?

Try putting your email address into this page:
Find Account

If it is the registered email for any Runescape account,s you will be sent a list of the log in names.

If that doesn't get you the login name, then go to this support page:
Forgotten Login
Click the "Still stuck?" button, answer 'No' to the next two querstions, then click the "Maybe we can help" button. Fill in the form with as much information about the account as you can.
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