Portable Vic is pay to win..

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Of course it's P2W. You buy a bond with rl money and then buy a portable Vic who gives you a better deal than the ordinary player gets. How can that not be P2W?

Even where someone buys a bond and sells it to someone else for ingame gp, it's still P2W because you buy as many bonds as you want, sell them to get gp and then use that gp to buy whatever you want on the GE. How is that not P2W?

The thing is that so many people are prepared to pay to win that it will never go away and we either accept it or stop playing.

And does it devalue everyone's achievement in game? Yes, because I always assume, unless I know the player, that they've bought their way to success. It's not fair to the players who have worked their way up but why would Jagex have introduced Ironmen other than to give players a way of showing that they have done the work themselves?

The better way of making more money would be to increase the monthly membership subscription and do away with mtx all together. However, that would mean that people who want an advantage over other players would be playing on a level playing field and that would never do!


27-Apr-2019 13:01:46

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