Yet Another Bent Rim

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RiDaku said:
Would it also look fine to you if they added neat-looking but functionally the same weapons? We have the noxious scythe, awesome! Okay, now for the scrumptious halberd, it has +1 range and a special attack that summons a yummy cupcake that reflects damage back at your attacker, and it's a t90 degrade. Oh, next up is the modern zweihander, a +1 range 2h sword that summons a deflector shield to reflect damage back on your attacker, it's a t90 degrade. Now they're going to add the poisonous greataxe, it has +1 range and summons a toxic porcupine that reflects damage back at your attacker, and it's t90 and degrades.

I could expand on this but I'd just be wasting my time.
Yeah, wasting your time with nonsensical strawmen.

The hat is bad enough as it is, don't dilute your argument with this stuff.
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16-Apr-2019 04:11:50

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