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Why must the world push the "parenthood" religion? Newsflash people have minds of their own to decide if it's for them, we don't need a quest to push the agenda too. I enjoyed the easter quest, until the last bit *smh*

16-Apr-2019 20:40:55

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The person is referring to the idea that we have to take care of the egg at the end - which is what this person refers to as a religion for no good reason.

It's a fact of life, and life wouldn't exist without it - so the small reference at the end is perfectly fair. It's your choice if you want to end the genetic line with you but you're in the extreme minority and I don't think we should be catering to the extreme minority.

17-Apr-2019 21:04:19

Aria Ventus
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Aria Ventus

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So the only factor that made you hate the quest was just because of the ending where you gotta take care of an egg?

You're taking this parenting belief or religion thing too seriously in a game.
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