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Please dont make another quest again jaggy. ur quest are getting worse and worse. b4 i explain why, let me tell u all this is from a very eager quester who belongs to a circle of top questers this game as ever seen. so this opinion is just as legit as all the others flattering jagex.

now here are the reasons this quest is bad and should not be repeated:

1) The quest came out after seren's random council. some of these council members have no lore, backstory or any quest to explain how dafuq they got to burthorpe in the first place. Eg: Moria, without any white knight or burthorpe guards noticing her. Vanescula, who somehow manages to get past the river salve AND make it past vrrock border guards??? Zarador - Id like to ask how the burthorpe guards didnt try to fight him off seeing hes on the same side as the trolls (both being bandosians)??

2) This random council came out after a half-baked, handicapped dxp thats only there to provide a backstory for an mtx promo. Ahh, we see now jagex, we see. both the dxp and quest are just there to make lame excuses for your greedy cash grabs!

3) u used static background to tell a story. are we back to the game boy advanced ages? oh my.

4) no matter what plan u come up with it will fail. thanks a lot 4 wasting our time no hate.

5) 4 those who did sliskes endgame and chose to distrust kerapac, whyd we not be able to give a warning about kerapac?

6) all we gotta do is run around and talk talk TALK. and do a couple of puzzlees that REPEATS themselves with no combat whatsoever. ALSO, SLIDING PUZZLES???? Really? this bs again?? they are time WASTE and HARD to SOLVE JAGEX, learn already!!!

7) i wasted 30 minutes walking in circles 4 all sliske clones to appear

8) entering the needle, omfg MOAR PUZZLES. also the apparent time limit and pressure kerapac gives us doesnt help

9) we see kerapacs true plan and continue to help him anyway lulz. i sometimes wonder if both the forums and the game are better without the world guardians
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10) RELDO is CHAROS?????? didnt he die??? RANDOM!!!
11) kerapac betrays everyone to kill everything like a half assed thanos when in previous quests he always helped the world guardian. his betrayal doesnt fit his character at all. play ur previous quests jagex!

aka, this quest is bs, poorly written, has no logic, wastes time with pointless puzzles just thrown in 4 the sake of a dxp related treasure hunter.
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17-May-2019 14:48:12

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Can’t believe I’m gonna post this but...

1.Seren called a peaceful meeting, everyone had invitations.
2. The Voice of Seren weekend and the TH promo are contextual additions that work in accordance with the quest. That is to say the two events aforementioned are advertisements for the new post-Sliske’s Endgame storyline and not the other way around. (Even if it IS kinda slimy.)
3. They tried a new cutscene style. I liked it better than clipping- and lag-heavy cutscenes of yesteryear.
4. Seren DID come up with a bad plan.
5. Because reasons. (This doesn’t get explained yet.)
6. Better to be engaged during a puzzle than either AFKing the “friendly for all levels” scaling combat or getting curbstomped because it sucks. I’m glad it didn’t throw crazy bosses at us and instead had a thematically appropriate combat sequence.
7. Congratulations, you wasted 30 minutes. That doesn’t mean it was poorly designed.
8. There is no time limit, game-mechanics wise. Storywise, there is.
9. We’re IN a temporal rift at Kerapac’s behest and whim as he fights for control of the Needle. If we stop helping him, he leaves us in there.
10. Charos was never said to be dead. Quite the opposite, in fact.
11. The Dragonkin are freed from thousands and thousands of years of torment (remember, they originate from the previous Cycle) and are finally out from under the neigh inescapable binds that tie them to the Stone of Jas (which were only able to be broken by having the largest sources of anima in existence and a tool of creation at their disposal). Kerapac, after all this suffering, realizes that with his new freedom and resources he can end the Cycle and the fear and threat presented by the Elder Gods by one single sacrifice: one world for hundreds.

Remove the Anima around the eggs (the anima of Gielinor itself) and those eggs will never hatch, never live beyond something akin to Mah. The Cycle ends, the rest of existence continues. But Gielinor is no more.
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Yeah not a fan of the new quest either, here’s why;

• The world guardians admittedly been duped before but here they were so bloody stupid it’s beyond belief.
• Numerous powerful entities were summoned for Serens council, not one of them decided to keep an eye on our activities and intervene in our idiocy.
World guardian casually tosses aside previous relationship despite the pleading from a very important and useful ally.

• Thok “comic” relief.
• Charos “comic” relief.
• Repeated repeated, puzzles puzzles.
• Sets up a quite possibly unneeded quest-line that we have to contend with before we can continue with the Elder God plot. (In before it’s titled “Desperate measures” and we use that other artefact throughout.)

17-May-2019 17:57:52

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In Desperate Times, even enemies unite or they will all die.

The Oracle said long ago to fear the Dragonkin. Kerapac also told the World Guardian his fate. The revelation has been made long ago. Only players who don't follow the lore don't understand it. Of course the World Guardian also has to fullful his destiny the way Guthix did. He has no choice anyway because Guthix made him.

The beggar who asked for bread in Port Sarim is actually Lady of the Lake. Ali the Wise is actually Wahisiete the Mahjarrat? Why can't Raldo be somebody else?

18-May-2019 02:40:11

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I'm not a fan of it for a few different reasons, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad storyline because of that -- I'll reserve my overall judgment until the end.

I didn't like how it was a Dragonkin quest kinda disguised as a Seren quest. I'd rather have done things at the behest of Seren instead of going on an escapade with Kerapac to do something that continued to set off alarms way before the "twist" was ever revealed. I remember when Xenia tried to drain Gielinor of all its Anima, Ariane was hot on her heels to stop her, so the fact that no one, not even Seren, Armadyl, Azzanadra (and by that extent, Zaros) stepped in to seriously question this course of action bothers me.

The World Guardian is also considerably incompetent and gullible to the point of utter stupidity, and the idiocy of the player character has always been a running gag in quests, and in this instance, it created a tonal dissonance for a character who is supposedly trusted and experienced enough to have the wisdom to procure the future of the mortal races.

Now, the reason why they did all this was to setup Kerapac as the antagonist for this new narrative direction since Sliske is no longer in play. That being said, I believe the narrative would have been stronger if this was achieved in a less forced manner, such as a quest for the player to build a trust and rapport with Kerapac instead of just going head-first into his questionable schemes, so then his betrayal would have been at least more significant towards the player character instead of arisen from blatant ineptitude for something so obvious.
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Draco Burnz said:
Steelweaver said:

Couldn't agree more.

Well said :)

U do know what serene steel said right?
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UrekMazino said:
Guess you didn't read the lore, but it seems I won't need to address each point as Serene Steel has already slam dunked each one.

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18-May-2019 13:22:10

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