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Can't withdraw ores from the ore bank, only bars to smith at the anvil.
Ordan will still unnote ores (he even mentions his now defunct ore store) but that's pointless since they finally added a bank chest several months ago.
The conveyor no longer will allow you to set an entire inventory on it in one click. You have to do each ore individually.
The furnace is now compatible with *less* metals than prior to the M&S update.

Dumb x4.

23-Jan-2019 18:02:59

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The problem of only one ore at a time going onto the conveyor belt has now been fixed: All ores in inventory go onto the belt at once.

Simple work-around for not being able to withdraw ores individually at the anvils: Put all the ores you want to smelt into your bank first.

If you forget to do it before you go to the blast furnace, click the "Withdraw all materials (noted)" button on the anvil's Smithing interface, deposit the ores you want to smelt into your bank at the bank chest, then click the "Deposit all materials" button on the anvil's Smithing interface to redeposit everything else into your metal bank.

For smelting rune and adamant bars, the savings (or profits) in not having to use luminite are significant. Now to get players back to using the blast furnace so that you don't always have to solo it . . .

10-Mar-2019 21:06:19

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11-Mar-2019 09:34:42

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Lord Drakan said:
It's quite useful for rune now, but still needs improvement. Addition of higher-levelled metals (possibly with extra quest requirements), lowering of the entry requirement (I would suggest level 35 and then (regular smithing level) + 5 for each metal, so e.g. 55 for rune) and some connection to the Artisans' Workshop.

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