Smithing: Protean/portables.

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Are protean bars broken? ive had the same base xp for 3-4 levels so far, i thought it was suppose to increase alittle per level.

secondly, who in the fuck is going to refund me my gp for my portable forges, i've waited awhile to mention it hoping there was a fix but nah. So really, who's going to give me 13m~ for all the portables that went to fucking 31 gp (which are utterly useless lol)... i was fine with the rework at first, even though im not going to spend 5 mins on 1 longsword for 2.5k xp, but now im realizing i highly dislike it........ 1.5m for a longsword+3 when the +4 is 300k cause people are farming only +4 xp... WAY TO FUCKING GO

13-Mar-2019 11:23:46

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