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Hello everyone,

As a result of the Mining and Smithing update we've encountered a bug with Shooting Stars, currently there is a shooting star in every world in the game that will not remove itself.

Sadly this bit of content appears to have broken in several places and we'll need to do a complete re-write of the content post-release, for now we've had to disable the Shooting Star content entirely until we have a full fix for it.

Apologies for this, but we wanted to give you a heads up while we work on the fix.
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09-Jan-2019 15:09:47

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There's a Starman waiting in the rocks!
He'd like to come and meet us,
But he seems to be bugged inside.
He told me:

Let the Jmods work it,
Let the Jmods do it,
Let all the Jmods boogie.

Take your time, we'll just be chilling with David Bowie while you guys fix it ^_^
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09-Jan-2019 16:27:49

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In-before players who've never even done the content complain how they miss it already and claim it's unacceptable and their memberships are going to be discontinued. i.e. BAU.

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