Parcels event (Positive)

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There is a thread that is negative, please rant there.
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I'm glad this event is back. Only taking a few bank spaces as everything stacks and I love how I can out-right buy what I am missing. Personally I'm saving everything up like last time and spend one day just seeing what all I get. It is really nice to get some event that just gives you free and random stuff.

Only thing I'm kinda uneasy with is having the weighty packages appearing in my inventory. I'm putting them into my bank for "unboxing day" at the very end. Though I can understand this as I guess there were quite a few players that didn't realize they could claim these.

I'm looking forward to the last day of the event to see what all I got and get quite a few unlocks.
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I don't think it's good to have these all the time. It would be nice to get more real content. I do like the stackable parcels tho as it prevents bank space problems.

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Parcel Event is a favored one. I'm legitimately enjoying having to play this bi-yearly event and receive something out of the norm for playing. It's pretty wholesome too. No real money grabbing scheme, no RuneCoins needed to gain more ground, no "daily tickets", mediocre rewards. (Huge Parcel is somewhat concerning, though....)

Has me logging in almost everyday too since Lost Property is what everyone's after for. And the rewards themselves are pretty reasonable too. I don't see much of a problem in this.

And I do agree that they should give out an option to opt-out from parcel delivery. Like, not partake in it at all. I can see how this could be a nuisance to SOME players.....

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