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I made 3 threads when the update happened a few weeks back I gained unwanted attack xp,I see that alot of people got acknowledged and some of you guys had the decency to reply, however my 3 posts have been removed, no-one has got back to me neither had my attack xp been put back, please please somebody help me out here
Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. Thankyou
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11-Mar-2019 15:14:36

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Well, for a start, posting your OSRS problem on the RS3 Recent Update forum isn't going to win you any friends....

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Hi there! :)

The thread where you could post regarding the XP bug on OSRS has unfortunately been hidden.

The last reminder was 27th of february - Any unwanted xp gained by not checking your weapon attack style after won't be reverted.

They are still working on the fix.

The only thing you can try is posting on the Account Help forum, I guess..

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11-Mar-2019 15:20:27

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