Ed2 Solo? Pointless now?

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Is elite dungeon 2 solo pointless now?
What's the difference between the duo and solo drops?
Seems like energy is guaranteed on Duo now so it kind of killed solo.
Was my favorite thing to do lol
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17-Apr-2019 03:01:32

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dude they didnt just change duo dg to give solo drops

they actually made a new balanced drop table/quantities specifically for duo mode

before hand, duo gave same rewards as trio, but took 50% longer, so duo was pointless

now all 3 modes are worth doing

17-Apr-2019 10:38:54

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Solo is never pointless because if you can do it, you never have to rely on others to help you.

I would now be more inclined to duo than trio though.

I got flurry codex yesterday in solo so I am pretty happy with solo still

17-Apr-2019 15:30:38

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Roxas_KH said:
It's really not considering duo can do them twice as first with the same amount of energy drops.

If this is true, you're likely right. Okay almost - codex still has better drop chances solo compared to duo.

But is the amount of energy actually the same? Or are you just making up stuff for whatever reason now?
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