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War tortoise

War tortoise

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Songs said:
Alyntha said:

Apparently, it can't be installed on an iPad

Mod Poerkie said:
It’s important, this bit. Firstly, the Beta is currently only available on Android (stay tuned for news about iOS).

yes, "TOTAL FAIL"... at reading...

LOL and shes not the first one.

Zlysess said:
So im premier and now i have to wait even longer for beta because its full like wtf we Prems should have an option first before anyone

not even rf atendees get their promised garenteed acesss, why should you also get access for being vip, it wasnt a promised vip perk anyway.

DigitalNikki said:
25k players isn't enough. With all the things Gold VIP, and VIP don't get now days it's not worth it anymore.

then don't buy it? I'm vip with access despite the botched RF access thing.

its not even that great, mine started crashing a lot on me.

Leader Alex said:
I'll Literally Pay $99.99 USD For a Rs3 Mobile Spot, Admit You Should have emailed me Jagex, I registered my Interest! Chooooooooocooooolate!!!

lol your crazy
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