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What Jagex means is that some PvMers complained that skillers were getting profits and they didn't like it so it got nerfed.

I remember the days when skillers provided PvMers and PKers with all the things they needed and they didn't get skilling drops. When that changed, it changed the economy completely.

If they want to get it back to how it was, they need to stop kowtowing to the PvMers all the time and let skillers provide the items needed and use their gp to buy drops from the PvMers. That's how economies work.

But if they continually make drops provide all the skilling items, then there's nothing for skillers to make money on, so they don't buy the drops that the PvMers get and everything either stalls or relies on the rng dropping something really rare to make your bank. That's a terrible way to run any economy.

Jagex needs to man up or, at least, admit that they have a small number of players who they listen to and the rest of us just have to put up with it.

TL:DR Jagex nerfed the priff rocks to satisfy a small minority of players

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So I know that this isn't going to get changed because, as someone rightly said, PvMers have got Jagex by the balls but it needs saying again.

Apparently, 10 minutes of fighting a boss is worth more than several hours of grinding a skill? I'm the last one to deny bossing its profits, that's how we get drops into the game but a lot of the hype is about how people risk their banks to defeat the high level bosses. That maybe true (they don't risk much when they do it in groups though, do they?) but there's a massive payoff for the risk.

Skillers pay for their profits in time instead of risk but Jagex don't think that's worth paying for? Well, why do skillers grind out the levels then?

What's the point of skilling at all? Make the game a bossing game where all the items you need are dropped by bosses and your gathering/artisan/support skilling requirements are given to you when you enter the game for the first time.

That way, we can use drops to make the things we need for combat and we won't need to grind out hours of levelling in order to make the items we need.
We can all then concentrate on combat, get the boss mechanics down pat and make sure that we're all on worlds where the ping is nice and low.

Oh wait, if we did that, Runescape wouldn't exist because the whole point of the game is to progress through all the skills, improving and making money so that the economy works through buying and selling your skills and items to people who can't, won't or don't have the time to make them themselves.

Pity that Shauny and co apparently haven't the sense to see that they are gradually taking the heart out of the game and making it combat friendly only. I don't expect PvMers to know any better because some of them (not all!) appear to be about 14 years old but Jagex staff are supposed to be mature professionals. Professionals don't disadvantage one part of their player base to satisfy another!


14-Mar-2019 01:46:49

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