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You are utterly and completely wrong.

A good percentage of players wanted this. Many voted in favor of this.

And I'm not sure how long you've been playing, but this has been the plan for several years. A mining/smithing rework concept has been public knowledge since 2013.
The rework itself started summer/fall of 2017.
It has had a massive amount of player input over a 16 month period.

In addition, Jagex themselves agreed that constantly putting more and more Runite items on monster drop tables was "bad", but it was the only way to make them worthwhile so high level pvmers/bossers would do the content.
In the end, the only part of the community that was pissed off at the idea was a small portion of the pvm/boss community who got 100% of their resources thru bossing.
And farming bosses for addy/runite ores and bars was certainly not the way you were supposed to get them.

Now you are correct, that the devs converting the Steel-Rune drops to stone spirits of equal amount, especially since everyone knew that Rune was going to get horribly nerfed in value, was a bit of a kick in the pants.
As it flooded the market with mid-tier stone spirits for something that was getting devalued, it exacerbated the problem, further driving down the value of mining those ores.
Yet at the same time, they didn't include at least a few of the new stone spirits on drop tables.

Part of the logic made sense: don't put the new stuff out there to essentially recreate the old problem (ie: making it so the best way to farm the mining/smithing materials was only thru high end pvm)

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