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Hey all,

We're now launching this week's RS game update, we're looking to reboot at about 11:00 game time.


11-Mar-2019 09:32:35

Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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First. :A

Hopefully it isn't just a no-update week. :/ I believe Bounty Hunter worlds would be removed today, though; I'm adamantly against removal of content without replacement, but since in this case this is the fourth incarnation of Bounty Hunter, and it's the developer himself that wants to remove it, I'm fine with it. Not to mention I dislike dangerous PvP. Although I'm not chuffed the reward redistributions focus so much on Slayer and skills rather than buffing other content which might need better rewards (e.g. rune pouches from Mage Training Arena or Fist of Guthix).

Fingers crossed for a fix to the annoying graphical bug from January affecting half the game...

Thanks as always for the thread, Easty!
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