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Eterno said:
It's still ridiculously difficult and still not a safe death. You need max gear and be a top-tier PVMer to reasonably finish it.

Not even close dude.
Story Mod bosses are way easier than a good number of other quest bosses.

But they are mostly single bosses, these are dungeons that have to be got through without dying. I killed Nomad (by chance eventually) and other bosses but I didn't have to run through 50 dragons before I faced them!


26-Feb-2019 18:02:08



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even with story mode enmies having less hp and dmg output the swarms r still to difficult at t75 gear.

nerfing there defense and accuracy by a bunch would help.

at this point its pretty much impossible alone in story mode and still very difficult whilst in a group. and that's if u can get lucky forming a group with randoms. and 90% of the groups currently doing the eds seem more interested in farming dung tokens or something.

banning ppl without lvl 99 cb stats.
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26-Feb-2019 22:03:12

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