Ports achievement bug

Quick find code: 15-16-815-66061618

Good Nap
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While fixing things for people that already owned superior ports armour, this update created a new bug for those who created the items but dropped/alched/disassembled them.

I did already the achievement two weeks ago, but disassembled the gloves and the boots cause I didn't need them.
Now the game doesn't tick the achievement anymore and it has to be done again (but the achievement says "create", not "own";).
I luckily was able to create them again, but I think that the fix was not adequate this time.

Thanks for your attention!

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Please fix this. If we need to own the full set for the achievement then edit it to "own this full set" I made several pieces and destroyed them assuming I could make the rest what I had more supplies, but now I have zero progress in these achievements, and I wasted my ports supplies and didn't earn a profit like I otherwise would have if I didn't make superior. >.<

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20-Nov-2018 17:47:14

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