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A Thorondor
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A Thorondor

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Well done.

I actually really liked this years easter event. It felt like the good old days; solving a matter for the easter bunny, with a nice fun storyline and humour.

There is no super cluttered lumbridge area with all kinds of 'must grind for rare tokens whoopdedoo'. The area right now is very nice.

I also must say I love the new soundtrack.

15-Apr-2019 20:15:29

Silvery Lynx
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Silvery Lynx

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The quest was fun, esp the sound effects on the fishing guild subquest.

However. As far as the grindfest, it's there. But the only skills really trainable there are cooking, crafting, invention (workbench), smithing, woodcutting, and if you're so inclined firemaking.

So you can earn the choco egg frags everywhere, right? Right. Which is fine. However. Jagex is telling folks they can earn them "faster" if they use one of the skilling spots in the crater. Guess they figure if we don't like it they'll try and bribe us with cosmetic tosh to see if we'll be sucker enough to do it.

Bad enough they nerfed the butterfly spawns (not as many as prior years; I'm lucky to see 1 every 5 minutes). I kinda like the idea of the green, yellow, white (although i'm still trying to find the 5x xp the white one supposedly gave me; it's not there anywhere).

15-Apr-2019 21:18:10

Aiwendil Mai
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Aiwendil Mai

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How do we donate to the charities?... I'm having a really hard time figuring this out lol. Looking for Co-Op Slayer partners
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15-Apr-2019 21:25:48

Crafty one
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Crafty one

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i disagree the event is pretty crap was looking forward to it but a small quest and moving some skilling to the crater is not really much of an event and it looks totally rubbish!
Should have just left it as the fragment grind they normally do and left the rest out.

always good to see the butterflies tho even tho they messed that up too with about a 5th off the butterflies as previous times

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I'm glad it's not a forced grind fest if you want the cosmetic rewards, as in you can obtain currency without changing how you usually play (whether you do bossing/PVM or skilling).

The only thing I liked about the quest was the 2 TH keys reward at the end. It wasn't as good as the 2016 Easter event, as that was somewhat "challenging" (based on the number of complaints from players not being able to do a simple slider puzzle).
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I'm not even sure what this event is supposed to be. There is nothing in the Crater except some yew and magic trees. This pretty much sucks. Maybe the quest will be ok.

Wow guys, this is sad.

16-Apr-2019 11:24:41

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