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Looks like there's absolutely nothing worthwhile in this one, what a complete waste of development time in my strong opinion. If I can't go to lumby crater and grind xp then there's absolutely no point, it's all just a boring crock. Just saying

16-Apr-2019 01:31:27

FiFi LaFeles
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I quite like it.

It's not as good as the Easter quests of years ago (or am I just looking back through rose tinted spectacles?) ... but nonetheless I laughed at the revolting stuffing fish thing, the other tasks were easy enough (haven't made a pie in soooo many years, lol) and I approve of the Butterflies having to be hunted rather than just finding a swarm and job done.

If it'd had been just another crater grindfest I'd have ignored the whole thing.
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16-Apr-2019 11:45:54

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It was good - I must admit I would have prefered a permanent quest like it was announced in the beginning of the year, but the event honestly was both better than the one in OS (which wasn't bad either) and that utter failure we had two years ago. Sure we had better ones, but it's not like quality would always swing a bit - it certainly won't be among the list of events they rather should have scrapped. A short light-hearted adventure, which was good for a few laughs - expectations are basically fulfilled, right?

As for the MTX promotion alongside it - Meh, doable, but just another one.
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