curse of the black stone

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Shooter Mann said:
youre not wrong rambow. the best years of this game were when it was a relaxing point and click game.

in 2007 there was no seizure warnings on bosses and no need for mashing keyboard buttons or having dozens of hot bars, prayers, and inven slots open at once to flail your way though an encounter.

you talked with your friends, you only needed one hand for your mouse and you could sit back and have an enjoyable relaxing experience unlike crap like WoW. rs3 is empty compared to osrs cause no one likes this shit.

i agree they JAGEX are looking into ways to reduce comp cape requirements because players are getting pissed of with having to win it back every second week
now JAGEX are trying to TAKE AWAY our questcape fook off with your dungenin requirement for questcape let us do the quest for cape some of us are older players and not into or to slow for this crap ,this is blatent ( AGEIST DISCRIMANATION) against the older members
we resolve to endeavour to perservere

26-Feb-2019 10:28:21

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