curse of the black stone

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I agree. I've just added a comment on another thread but I've since read through the strategy guides for all three dungeons and, despite reduction in the health of the monsters and massively reduced damage output in story mode, I'll put money on that I'll struggle to get through them.

So now I have to give up my quest cape because a developer has decided that all players who quest should also have to fight bosses as well? What a load of codswallop!

As I said on my other post, even if I get through the dungeons fairly easily (which I now doubt more than even have read the mechanics), I still think it's wrong to force players to complete boss fights.

Can you imagine the fuss that would ensue if PvMers were made to do get some skilling target before they could fight the latest boss?


26-Feb-2019 01:36:10

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