curse of the black stone

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I don't think we should have to do the elite dungeons, Should let us do the quest and then if we want to do them let us do them when we are ready if ever ready not all of us use 100% hands on abilities, I couldn't even make it past the first boss in elite dungeons 1 solo, somehow I would get hit one time die. did the same as others they didn't get killed close but they didn't die but I never could. I guess that internet lag was getting me, I have fast internet but it goes from tower to tower all the way into town so I can't kill a lot of the big bosses because of this. So I wish you would remove the requirement to do the elite dungeons to do this quest.

Let me tell you it's so hard to find a team to because they think you suck at the game because of your internet. 15mbps up and down is fast but sometimes packet loss can be a game changer.

When I play online shooter games with friends they can see the guys 2 seconds before me.

So I hope this gives a good understanding of why I don't really do team bossing or do harder bosses.

I did start a new rs account in 2018 and working to max it too and 4 quests on it now to do was going for quest cape but this forced me to stop doing quests now, and seeing how I only have 3 Deathtouched darts that's not going to get me past both elite dungeons did this with the first elite dungeon still died a few times.

Why I started the new rs account to fill that spot because I can't do some of the bosses like nex or stuff that can one hit kill me because sometimes I can't see it coming for me.

Plus I am getting older and I don't want to have to move super fast and get my blood pressure way out of whack.

To that point in my life I just want to have fun and relax I don't care if someone is better or can do that better or call me a noob because I can't change the outcome of my gameplay due to stuff I can't control.

10 years ago I would of had no problems doing this for this quest.

Not all has best stuff for gaming.

26-Feb-2019 06:50:58

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