Question about the hidden eggs

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I was about to ask the same thing. Typically, we only get half the information we need.

Is it really that hard to put the daily egg count in the news post instead of a vague section?

Also - keep an eye out for the hidden eggs scattered around Gielinor each day, each of which contains a large crystallised chocolate fragment. Additional large fragments can be gained from completing side quests for the guilds.

Just to add, when I opened the egg I found, I received 76 chocolate fragments, my partner, sitting next to me received 74. Why are the amounts different?

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Marit Solers said:
Okey, so I've found more than one egg today. Guess that answers my own question.
the eggs aren't daily thats a mistype there is 15 eggs in total and can only be found once and can all be claimed in 1 day giving 50 fragments each whoever got 70s must of got xp on top of finding the egg giving the 50 plus the xp amount
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