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BlauweChimay said:
I can understand delaying content because it isn't ready, but this year it seems that any big update has been delayed. This isn't acceptable. How is it possible to mismanage on multiple updates multiple times this year?
If a student preformed the same as the rs3 development team, that student would fail its year.

Honestly don't mention a release date if you can't put it out in that timeframe.

And? A lot of game companys do this. Guess they all fail.

IceSorceress said:
Membership on silver VIP runs out on 10th of August, guess who won't be renewing it to Gold.

Bye salty phat user.

Mud Altar said:
Angry that it's getting delayed. You should have told us weeks ago ideally. This is the only update I've been waiting for this month.

I just hope August is better than this crappy month even OSRS has had better content than us.

Just happy that Clan Ava Rework is next week. Please give us dev blogs, or weekly updates as of now Ed2 has been delayed 2 times already.

Til taking the game down = good contents.
Lost Woods numba 1, (NOT EE, Those scrubs are liars ;p)

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23-Jul-2018 17:06:04

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