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War tortoise

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DigitalNikki said:
What I want to know is when JAGEX will stop lying, and tell the truth for once....

when you stop posting neg comments when they actually delever.

Aqua Star said:
I would like you to stop doing events because they cause lag. Even the thought of Hatti makes me sad because it is just another lag fest on top of all the other crap lag beach type events.

Maybe you could give us some worlds that don't have that crap lag in them. No pets or solomons or events that cause lag, so we can actually play the game.

what? most people don't have lag at events, idk what your on about...

Idiotest said:
Zaro Asriel said:
The COMPLETE removal of bars/ores from PvM will severely decrease the profits made by most bossers.


double good.

Princess Rae said:
Thanks for all the info. I'll be interested to see which bits end up being useful/fun.
I like DXP as it brings so many people back to RS for the weekend and that's fun.


Mega Duck said:
Hate how Dxpw's in Feb always lands on my birthday.. :(

RIP u. ;p
Lost Woods numba 1, (NOT EE, Those scrubs are liars ;p)

*~War Tortoise

04-Jan-2019 00:37:07

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