Smithing Rework and Invention

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Slayer, what you predicted appears to have happened exactly as you suggested - I'm very impressed at your incredible foresight!

I went to smith a load of mith swords to disassemble for augmentor parts and find that I now can't make a full inventory in a few seconds and that the sword now costs 2 bars, as opposed to 1 previously.

The shop and GE price for one sword is 5k each!

To my horror, I watched as my poor character stood smithing her "project" and in the time taken to make a full inventory of swords before, she now makes ONE single sword using twice as many bars. Even a BRONZE dagger uses 2 bars and takes an age to create. It's the same even for arrowheads!! You make 75 arrowheads, but there's no option (that I can see) to make multiple projects and it takes an absolute age as well. I can't believe it.

I thought I'd go to the shop and buy a ton of steel swords to disassemble instead, but even a steel sword costs over 3k.

So how are we supposed to level invention, without spending billions, if we can't easily make the required components?? :@

09-Jan-2019 09:48:25

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As much as I like the new smithing rework and the ability to manufacture high level/tier armour there is an issue with the disassembly process. For example originally one could make 14 adamant claws in around 30+ seconds, which equates to roughly 800+ per half hour (correct me if I'm wrong as I never paid a great deal of attention to time or xp). Obviously it is no longer viable to disassemble anything beyond the base product as it is not only time consuming but unproductive in the long run.

Claws and especially Adamant Claws were a reliable source of swift components. However, under the new system it takes approximately 2 minutes to make 1 base claw, or to make 800+ would take 27 hours, not that I would make that many.

Secondly the chances of gaining swift components from the new salvage drops is negligible. While completing a slayer assignment I received several of these salvage pieces of varying size but almost all gave junk and rarely anything useful.

Personally I would have liked to see the ability to make base items as before in the same quantities , to allow players to disassemble for critical components. Then increase the time it takes to make +1 onwards tiers as they do now.

I have been unable to locate an updated specific item detail as yet from disassembly.

12-Jan-2019 04:03:11

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Old smithing needs to be brought back for old material otherwise augmentors are going to be ridiculous price. Need mithril swords (base componenets) in higher quantities, and no one will make them at the current method. Used to love afk smithing mithril swords but no way would I waste my time now. I know i mention and reported the overpowered invention xp method before using it. That's why it's not in my post history. Nice excuse for banning me though

12-Jan-2019 22:40:02

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