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- What are the top things (up to three) that make you want to do a quest?
1. It's a quest, I love quests
2. Storyline
3. Keeping quest cape

- What are the top things (up to three) that discourage you from completing a quest?
1. Difficult/impossible bosses but I've generally done the quest eventually even with hard bosses - but have had to use DTDs on some like Nomad because I'm completely crap at bosses. Without DTDs, I would still be some quests short of having full quest points
2. Nothing else!

- What sort of rewards would you like from the Quest Point Shop?
1. Items that help with quests, for example, teleports that take you to the next quest area
2. Bankspace!

- One of the things we've been discussing in the studio is whether or not someone with max Quest Points should be able to unlock everything on release? Alternatively, should they have to decide which rewards they value the most, and only be able to unlock further rewards as more quests are released.
Difficult because quests aren't something you can choose to work at or not as you can only do them once and the QPs are only available once (unlike TT points). Players would have to wait for years before getting all rewards if you made them worth more than current QPs. Maybe you could do something with being able to swap them in and out with your available points.

- What type of player are you?
Skiller, Quester

- What is your current number of quest points?

- How long have you been playing RuneScape?
12 years (ish) maybe more, I forget!

- What are your combat level and skill total?
CB is 138 (not sure how that happened!)
2713 (2963 virtual)


28-Jul-2018 13:52:43



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Just been reading back on the posts on this thread. What a great set of ideas, most much better than mine.

I had forgotten that a lot of great ingame gear came from quests; it would be a great idea to re-introduce that. As a non-pvmer, I am restricted from a lot of gear that I can't get hold of so it would be nice if questers got something for their efforts.

Mod Kylar, you should be able to get a good feel for what Questers would like to see in a reward shop just from these posts here!


28-Jul-2018 14:06:25

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