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Hey Team,

In just under a months a months time - it's
Menaphos' first birthday!
Can you believe how fast the past year has gone?

Mod Edge, Mod Harrison, Mod Timbo, and myself have just come out of a meeting regarding some quick fixes for Menaphos Improvements.

We currently have a few ideas we have discussed which is the following:


Add a reputation boost for the following Quests:

Jack of Spades:

Crocodile Tears:

Out Man in the North:

'Phite Club:

Menaphos QoL:

Double Obselisk Spawns for the entirety of June.

Mixing up the bankers and GE clerks, so you don't need to run to different sides to bank / buy.

Add the option to teleport to Varrock GE from the Menaphos Grand Exchange Clerks.

Make Menaphite Gift Offerings Stackable and the ability to add them to the bank.

Currently, this is what we have listed - please note these are currently just
thoughts we have had - they are not guaranteed to make it into game.
But we wanted to be open and honest and tell you what we have spitballed so far.

Now, I'd love to have some feedback from yourselves - what small fixes would you suggest? We may potentially add them to our backlog!

I can't wait to see some of your great suggestions!


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Suggestion: One additional block/prefer slayer task slot as reward for maximum menaphos reputation, unless player has maximum Quest Points.

It would be a nice incentive for people to get reputation, and it wouldn´t really hurt anyone in the process.

Since Menaphos is a lot about slayer, it would make sense.

11-May-2018 13:46:30

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* I would like to be able to know when I have a new city quest available (for example an option to check this in the Menaphos journal)

* Assistant Librarian Subotai has a Menaphos icon above his head for no reason even after completing all his tasks

* Examine info of tents in Sophanem mentions Menaphos

* Soul altar teleport tablets please?
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Honestly, I think the greatest issue is simply that reputation is not really rewarding. If you look at the overall city rewards, only 4 of them offer a non-cosmetic bonus; the rest are either cosmetics or just 'unlock a quest/the GE'. Similarly, the faction unlocks: 2 are bank features (deposit/chest in that area), 1 is the ability to make teletabs (which is now a non-reward since you can buy them), 1 is an actual bonus; to skilling in that area and the other 5 are entirely cosmetic (until you get t10 overall reputation anyway; then the last one is actually useful).

The fixes you listed are nice, but I think most people have already got their Rep anyway; I think it would be more meaningful an update (and make Rep a little more feel-good, so less grindy, to get) if you added some functional, meaningful rewards to reputation.

Quick ones you could do are things like: unlock farming patches (herbs, maybe a fruit tree, have them become disease-free), unlock new items in the Menaphos general store (higher Merchant rep means it now stocks extra feathers of Ma'at, Broad arrowheads, etc, but be careful with dailyscape), have each overall rep level reduce feather of Ma'at use and increase very slightly the XP from Menaphos skill plots/Shifting Tombs, maybe a slight bonus to the overall time you can spend in a Shifting Tomb.

I hope you get the idea; these are (hopefully) quick things that can be added as reputation unlocks, but are very much meaningful as rewards.

If you have more time, you could go further with these and have things like unlocking hardwoods (mahogany, teak, similar to how OS does them as very slow growing trees): get the seeds from Menaphos, maybe added to the shop or as rare drops on Magister/Slayer mobs and unlock the patches, but I appreciate this is probably beyond the scope of a quick fix.

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Maximus Gugu
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Maximus Gugu

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Looks good! I didn't get the Reputation boosts. Will we gain a boost after completing the quests or will we get more retputation for completing them?
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11-May-2018 14:42:43

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Once we have full reputation please remove Reputation bars. Or at least visiable only when we getting repuation. As these are overlaping other buff icons & xp gains.

11-May-2018 15:01:34

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I think a cool addition to the Player Owned Dungeon would be some way to communicate with a slayer master (Morvan) to get a new assignment. Its our dungeon, why shouldn't we be able to get a new task without having to teleport away?

For some people that have a variety of creatures in their dungeon, or have slayer masks its a niche QoL improvement to the dungeon.

Also: Whats up with the underwater room in PoD's? Been a year and no new information about it? Can we get another room like across the hall? Don't see the harm in that.

11-May-2018 15:20:15

Party Pat
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Party Pat

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City Quests!

Please do something about these.. no one knows exactly when you can get another..
Wiki says its something to do with skilling whilst in Menaphos give it a better chance of a new one spawning but ive gone 24hours after doing one and another one wasn't available.

Currently 46/200, trying to get the achievement.

Please give them a new QOL.
I would suggest letting us have a new one every 30mins, or preferably as soon as we've finished one, maybe cap it at 5/10 a day so its not as OP if the latter is chosen.
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11-May-2018 15:20:18



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Drop the rep system or literally speed it up 10x. I'm not comped and never have been, but I can't justify grinding low level content for 300 hours (or however long it takes) just for the sake of a couple quests. It was a stupid system on release and it's still a stupid system now.

11-May-2018 15:29:44

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