Why low quest requirements?

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For pieces of hate the requirements are completion of gertrude's cat and a clockwork syringe. These requirements are way too low for a grandmaster quest you should include every pirate quest for this. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

02-Mar-2018 17:55:37

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Always gotta remember they only ever state the skills and quests specifically required for that particular quest and this does not account for the skills and quests those quests in themselves require.

If you were to fully expand the requirement for Pieces of Hate state in the video you get:
Pirate Treasure
Jungle Potion
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Zogre Flesh Eaters
Preist in Peril
Rum Deal
Cabin Fever
Cooks Assistant
Recipe for Disaster - Freeing Pirate Pete
The Restless Ghost
Creature of Fenkenstrain
The Great Brain Robbery
Rocking Out
A Clockwork Syringe
Gertrude's Cat

83 Agility
66 Crafting
81 Construction
31 Cooking
76 Defence
50 Dungeoneering
40 Farming
82 Firemaking
50 Fishing
30 Fletching
8 Herblore
50 Prayer
40 Ranged
61 Slayer
74 Smithing
20 Strength
65 Summoning
85 Thieving

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A Clockwork Syringe was the last quest in the Pirate series so of course it is needed.

Gertrude's Cat might be required because we may need a cat or have to make a clockwork cat.

I agree that Getrude's Cat is very random, but why wouldn't A Clockwork Syringe be required? The Fifth Age quests don't branch out like Sixth Age does, they all follow a single line.
Come the Sixth-Age, the world will need the World Guardian.

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Hidden Relic said:
00oooo000ooo said:
sounds like a boring grindy quest ZZZZZ

=___= How would you know? we know almost nothing about it, yet.

From what we do know about the quest: Jagex are recommending 110 combat minimum, and telling us that the quest unlocks new slayer monsters.

Hmm, methinks there might be a bit of hack'n'slash in there to break up the grind :)

06-Mar-2018 21:52:04

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Don't forget that just because it is classified as a GM quest, does it mean it has high requirements. The World Wakes is a GM quest and has no requirements (apart from recommending 100+ combat.

As long as the storyline is good, then why does it matter about the requirements?

06-Mar-2018 23:40:24

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