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^ Reddit obviously.

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Original message details are unavailable.

Runescape Remastered? I don't think it is what that poster Dugghill thought... and I'll leave my comment when the time is right. ;)

And if the "ideas" are already being used in other new RS titles, you probably should believe Jagex won't cut and paste them to RS3 (or OSRS) before the new titles are released.

It is as I thought, indeed this seems to have already been confirmed. A simple search on Reddit gave me this information. I will leave the link here:

Original message details are unavailable.
^ I'll quote the relevant bit in that post for those who don't want to follow the link:

Mod Balance
: "To clarify - this game is not designed to replace RuneScape at all. It is not RS4, it would be a new game using the RuneScape brand. RuneScape and your progress within RuneScape is here to stay!"
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01devil boy said:
Thanks for the reply hope there is a new one as the love for eoc is going down hill

Jagex won't release a cutting-edge modern MMO and stick an antiquated combat system into it. What will most probably happen is Jagex would make a second attempt at EOC, or make an entirely brand new combat system based around the modern improvements in the engine.

For example, one of the expected changes of any prospective "entire rebuild" is the removal of the tick system. A change like that would dramatically alter how EOC feels and plays, making combat feel much closer to games like (for example) Diablo. Or we could wind-up with some kind of replica of the combat system Elder Scrolls games use.

In any scenario, a brand new up-to-date RuneScape built in a modern engine is the wrong place to be holding out hope for a reversal from an albeit unpopular attempt to modernize an antiquated aspect of the game back into it's original form - that's kind of like expecting Final Fantasy XVI to suddenly be a menu-based turn-based game like the earlier more popular ones were.

It does mean that the game stands a good chance of causing an EOC-level backlash since it's not only feasible but probable that a completely brand new combat system could be hated by current players of BOTH EOC and Legacy combat.

We as players need to learn to be flexible and adapt, and not be so quick to respond in a knee-jerk way about this kind of thing, otherwise any future RuneScape is doomed from the start,

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