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Yum Yum said:
Okay Jagex, we don't need the useless mining/smithing update. Where's the bank rework at? surly changing a few lines of coding should be easier then building something else from scratch? M&S rework has been talked about for what 3 years? While the bank rework has been talked about for the last 5-7 years and all you've done with that was add diango and poh tot he bank. Like where's our place holders that we've been eagerly waiting for? Easy to say they are nowhere to be found. How bout you finish one update before starting another, this is how players get confused.
They postponed the bank to work on mobile! Also people say the same thing when the m&s rework got postponed for numerous reasons! If it were that simple to do the bank we'd have more bank boosters!

06-Oct-2018 21:48:40

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