RS3 where is it going?

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So I only want to talk about the experience required to get 99, 120, or even max.

Now, a decade ago or even in OSRS players only required about 300,000,000 total xp to max (23 skills multiplied by ~13m xp). In RS3, players need a whopping 378,000,000 xp to max (26 skills multiplied by ~13m xp plus invention level 99 being ~40m xp). That is about 30% more xp required to get max. If we want to find the xp required to get level 120 in skills that go to 120 you're looking at over 500,000,000 total xp! 66% more xp than what was required a decade ago or in OSRS.

Maxing a skill is by no means easy and can take days or even weeks of playtime to get it to 99 or 120. RS3 needs faster ways to earn xp because there is so much more xp needed to max skills and get 120's.

I'm not saying the current system is perfect but it is by no means broken.

Also, please stop complaining about TH. The few tiddly winks of xp you get per day is nothing. If you get maybe 20k bonus xp per day for a week you're looking at 140k free xp per week! 140,000 free xp out of the 500,000,000 you need to max. TH is by no means perfect but it really isn't a problem. I'm not going to get into it anymore than that.

Wrap up:
Don't just look at xp rates. Look at how much xp you actually need to max/comp. The rates are not too broken. Yes, some skills are always going to be easy to train buy implying that players can pump out 99's with a tad bit of effort is not true.

Don't just say something is broken. Provide clear examples because I am seeing a lot a vague "many dailies are broken" or "xp rates per hour are too high" which are not easy to respond to (not that I'm going to respond to anything). Also try to provide a solution. Don't just half ass a response or agree blindly.

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