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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Agreed 100%.

We had comp cape requirements without reaper, and it was so great to get. Since you are using the comp for the new bosses anyway, there was no prerequisite to kill them in the first place.

Then a mod decided that we need to add bossing content to the requirements. Also, lets put all on normal cape, instead of trim.

What was the point in that if they want to remove it now? Why add something that you will remove later? This shows how jagex is out of touch with their players.

Its not something that people are gonna be upset about, just remove it. Keep it a title or move it to trim comp.

Sad thing is, that they went on live stream, with their stupid grin, telling us that Solak will be required for the comp cape. Literally within the same stream they said that they don't expect anyone to get a kill for the first 6 hours or a day. How do those things make sense?

26-May-2018 14:43:17

Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Zaccheus said:
Mooti said:
It doesn't make sense ,they have no consideration for the player base that are not into pvm and seem to think we are all excited about new pvm content . I predict many comped players like myself who have spent many hours struggling to kill bosses just giving up on this one .
monday will be a sad day for me =(

As I remember, Jagex are planning to remove reaper title from comp camp? But they are still adding new boss to it? What for?

To frustrate us it seems.

26-May-2018 15:10:30

Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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many drops said:
Maybe they can leave the comp cape for people that complete all content in the game and have another cape for people that completely ignore group pvm content but still have max stats?

Like max cape.

But in all seriousness, this is gonna be a problem for all future updates, not just pvm. Anything which takes hours or even days to get will just tickle the nerves of those who lose the comp cape, and move the goal post further for those that don't.

The fact of the matter is that there is no other cape in the game just like comp. Its abilities are just superior to every other cape, and the stats are if not the best, one of the best. Its possible to use max cape for combat without losing too many benefits, but its not the case.

If you want to range, you need to include the ranged cape perk on max cape.
If you want to use less summoner bar, you need to wear the spirit cape.
If you want to have thieving boosts, you need to wear ardy cloak.
If you want a bonus for fighting ice wyrms, you need to wear a kiln cape.

Now, lets say I have done all those other pieces of content, but I don't have a solar boss kill. I am essentially losing convenience outside of all bossing encounters, just because I don't want to or can't pvm at an elite level. Wouldn't it be better if each requirement added an additional benefit onto comp instead?

This is why I like the idea proposed elsewhere on the forums to make reaper title increase the cape's stats. I can have a general comp cape as it is right now, but with reaper title I get +5 to all combat or something.

This should also be incorporated with new updates. So that we don't lose the comp every time jagex releases some obscene 10 hour req worth of dead content time gated over 30 days. Players will be able to use the cape for their needs. And if their needs include the benefit from that update, then they need to complete it to get the perk.

29-May-2018 03:46:19

Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Dodji said:
Many people here are complaining about losing their Comp cape when Solak is released. This means they currently own it (this was posted prior to Solak release), so they somehow managed to defeat Yakamaru, a 10-player group boss, and Vorago, AoD, ... atleast once. I don't see why a new 7-man group boss with a duo mode would be an issue then, as you have completed group content before. If you didn't own comp cape yet, then nothing really changes for you, it'll just be one more challenge to look forward to. I do not understand how people can have empty friends lists, there're so many nice people in RuneScape yet some of you simply refuse to interact with others. There are many teaching clans, friends chats, masses for everything. Solak will have a community around him very soon, so go check those out.
If you do own Comp cape and leeched Reaper title for it, then you have plenty of cash to get someone to help you out to tick the req off again. Not like your cape was worth anything right now then, so stop nagging about it and wear it with 'pride'.

Paid to defeat yaka. Massed to defeat vorago and AoD. And it shouldn't have been locked behind those updates.

29-May-2018 15:49:58

Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Dayflypuma said:
You don't need a comp cape if u don't want to do everything in the game.. Comp cape trimmed is extra's. Solak is not extra it's a boss just like vorago just like araxxor just like rots and just like yakamaru... I personally am not the best pvmer but I am going to enjoy Solak dieng a few times to learn game mechanics... Like I said before You think Jagex gonna give you Comp cape on a gold plattered plate. Learn to pvm.... Asking Jagex to nerf the boss and make the mechanics a bit easier, is different from completely removing solak as a comp requirement... I personally think Jagex Can improve the "Practice Mode" And so you can click phase 1 practice mode phase 2 practice mode and phase 3 practice mode and phase 4 practice mode and phase 5 if there is a phase beyond 4. Please stop Being Immature and Learn to go PVM.... There are many players looking for partners /groups In the pvm community there are very nice people who made fc'. If learning is a problem try using discord and search for Boss school they teach people with a Voice chat. And can walk you through the phases.. There are so many great ways People are offering in the pvming community,

Lol, you will enjoy dying a few times. Come back when you get a kill and let us know how many "few" times have you died.

30-May-2018 16:49:21

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