ED2, why even wildy?

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Anima Nexus said:
but its in the wilderness..... i'm not trying to force anything. So you guys are all saying anything and everything added to the wildy now should be pvp safe? That completely defeats the entire purpose then and they should just remove pvp entirely, which what I'm sure many of you would hope for anyways. And the peninsula would still be a safe area.

the tele would still be available but 50k to cross the wildy for high level content is not too steep, id pay 50k for teles straight to mage bank if i could. My other ideas simply are an attempt to make this place a hub for more people than just dungeon goers, and who better in the wildy than pvpers. This place could have two functions. for people who wish to go out and pvp when they can't find a group or get sick of running the dungeon and wish to take a break, and for people who are trying to pvp who are having little luck so they run the dungeon.

You are: you are trying to force people who have NO INTEREST IN PVP to be involved in PvP, by attempting to coerce people to take a route through the Wilderness to non-PvP content. Just stop it; there's literally no point. Especially with content like this: it's balanced for people using proper gear; noone is stupid enough to ever risk that. To be worth doing so, it would have to give some bonus so idiotically overpowered that people will cooperate rather than kill, like warbands.

Just look at history: content that forces non-PvPers to go into PvP zones is dead, because this is not PvP, this is Griefing. The entire Wilderness "rejuvenation" was a waste of time that only created bad blood. When people fondly remember PvP, they remember Edge PKing and BH, not griefing updates like you are suggesting.

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